A good life must be started early!

All children have from the beginning a lust for life, are curious and want to feel as they belong. But everyone has different learning abilities for different things, and are susceptible to various issues and topics at slightly different times during their upbringing. In a streamlined school where everyone is supposed to be equally mature and interested in the same things simultaneously, both tension and anxiety may occur among many students.

Saga and its books are based on children's natural desire for fairy tales and stories. In the world of the fairy tale we let the kids get knowledge that they have great use for in school and in life.

Saga books introduces children to complex topics in fairytale form at an early age, this means that the child recognizes the subject in school. This reduces stress in children to meet proficiency in school while knowledge is strengthened. The books can also be used as a compliment to facilitate during the learning processes in school.

Saga's goal is to give children better opportunities for a happy schooling and thus a better life!






A Swedish Children's Book Blog reviewing "Alex and Alice Math Adventure 2x2" Read the full review HERE.



In the Right Place - Mälaröarnas Bookstore / Sweden.


New design! New adventure!

"Alex and Alice Math Adventure 3x3" - work in progress!


"Alex and Alice Math- Adventure 2x2" is now available in Swedish as Kindle edition!

You can find it HERE!


We can not describe how happy we are to see "Alex and Alice Math- Adventure 2x2" so popular in Swedish libraries!


Do not miss the article about our author Olga Fokcha in Amelia (Swedish magazine)!


Our author Olga Fokcha is in Hawaii!

Read about her exciting journey in amelia (Swedish magazine) January 9, 2014




Hope that everyone had a scary Halloween as Alex and Alice!



Interview with Olga Fokcha, our author of Alex and Alice Math - Adventure 2x2, with Västkustkuriren (a Swedish jurnal).



"Alex and Alice Math Adventure 2x2" in action (Swedish edition) at the book convention in Gothenburg, Sweden, with Vulkan!



Don't miss this year's book convention in Gothenburg, Sweden, 26 - 29 September 2013.

This year "Alex and Alice Math Adventure 2x2" (Swedish edition) follow the publisher Vulkan to the book convention in Gothenburg, Sweden!


Start the new semester with fun learning! Here are few tips...


Alex and Alice Math Adventure 2x2 (Swedish edition) has been reviewed by BTJ! Read the review here.    



We at Saga love Mattecentum that completely free helps over 120,000 children and young adults to improve their skills in mathematics.

Therefore we donate a few copies of "Alex and Alice Mathadventure 2x2" to Mattecentrum in hope to create positive attitudes towards mathematics in young children.



Author’s Visit by Olga Fokcha at Bokia in Lysekil, Sweden! Saturday, June 13 at. 11:00 AM.







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Alex and Alice visits Brantas Gård in Väröbacka, Sweden, on Farmers Day on August 10.


The contest is completed!

See the winners here.





Today's coverage from TV4 West Sweden with Olga Fokcha the author and illustrator of "Alex and Alice Math - Adventure 2x2"


A saga to count with!



Many thanks to all involved in a successful and enjoyable signing!


TV4 news west (Swedish channel) has visited our author Olga Fokcha.


Hannah and Emelie, two book reviewers!

Read their book review here:


Alex and Alice have found their way to the selected toyshops! One of them is Olles Leksaker at Torp shopping center, Uddevalla, Sweden.


Saga is receiving a vary special pin from Reach for Change for theirs commitment to making life better for children through children`s books! 


Author’s Visit by Olga Fokcha at Bokia in Lysekil, Sweden! Saturday, June 1 at. 11:00 AM.


Today, we could proudly read an article about our author Olga Fokcha in the Swedish newspaper Bohusläningen!

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Alex and Alice Mathadventure 2x2 available at iTunes Bookstore!


Alex and Alice Math Adventure 2x2 in English! Available now at amazon.com as kindle edition! 


Alex and Alice on Mathadventure 2x2 in Swedish available now at Bokia in Lysekil, Sweden!

Press release! Saga is launching Alex and Alice on Math adventure 2x2, as a hardcover book in Sweden. Read the full press release here. 

Now you can borrow the Swedish edition of the e-book Alex and Alice on Mathadventure 2x2 in Swedish libraries. Find your library here.



Be inspired! Read a sample of Alex and Alice Mathadventure 2x2 and intruduce your child to 2 times multiplication table!




Alex and Alice Mathadventure 2x2 now available as an e-book!